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Scientific Board and subscribers


Scientific Board



Prof. Giuseppe Colangelo
Deputy Rector of the University of Insubria, 
Professor of Economics and of Industrial Economics, Applied Economics to the European Union, Industrial Organization and Development Economics.


Scientific Director

Prof. Maurizio Martellini
Professor of Theoretical Physics


Members of the Scientific Board


Prof. Domenico Cavallo
Associated Professor of Occupational Medicine

Prof. Giorgio Conetti
 Professor of International Law

Prof. Alberto Parola
Professor Matter Physics

Prof. Marco Saroglia
Professor of General Aquaculture, Marine and Inland Water Aquaculture, Ichthyology and Fishery Ecology, Animal Biotechnologies, Etiology

Prof. Stefano Serra Capizzano
Professor of Numerical Analysis, Numerical Linear Algebra and Mathematical Methods for Biology


ICIS Affiliated Members


Prof. Fabio Conti
Professor of Sanitary-Environmental Engineering, Treatment Plants of Sanitary-Environmental Engineering, Pollution Phenomena, Contaminated Land Remediation and Waste disposal

Prof. Marco Cosentino
Professor of Pharmacology; Chemotherapy; General pharmacology; General pharmacology and pharmacology applied to sports; Pharmacology; Toxicology

Prof. Carlo Dossi
Former Professor of Physics

Prof. Alessandro Ferrari
Professor of Ecclesiastical Law, Islam and Italian Law, Comparative Religious Law and Canon Law

Prof. Vittorio Gorini
Former Professor of Physics

Prof. Alessandro Maria Michetti
Professor of Geology of the Environment, Geology and Lithology

Prof. Ugo Moschella
Professor of Classical Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Mathematical Methods for Physics and General Relativity

Prof. Antonio Toniolo
Professor of Microbiology

Prof. Fabrizio Vismara
Associated Professor of International Law

Prof. Maria Paola Viviani Schlein
Professor of Comparative Public Law, Advanced Comparative Law and media Law