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ICIS Staff


Maurizio Martellini – Scientific Director

e-mail: maurizio.martellini@uninsubria.it

Prof. Maurizio Martellini is the Scientific Director of the Insubria Center on International Security (ICIS), Professor of Physics at the University of Insubria (Como), Secretary General of the Landau Network-Centro Volta (LNCV), Executive Secretary of the International Working Group (IWG), and Member of the Pugwash General Conferences and. He published in the fields of international security and physics on specialized journals and authored about a hundred articles on national and international geopolitical/security affairs. He is an advisor of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

His fields of Research and Analysis are: methods in theoretical and nuclear physics; global issues, global scientists redirection/engagement, management and disposal of radioactive waste; scientific and technological aspects concerning international security, CBRN risks mitigation issues; science and engineering diplomacy; and CBRN education and awareness.



Carola Argiolas  Project Manager

e-mail: carola.argiolas@uninsubria.it

Carola Argiolas collaborates with ICIS as Project Manager in the framework of ICIS program on Science and Technology for Non-Proliferation. She collaborates in the management of international cooperation projects and organizes international workshops. She holds a BA in International Science and European Institutions and a MA in International Relations both from the University of Milan – Statale.




Fanny ConsolazioExecutive Secretariat

e-mail: fanny.consolazio@uninsubria.it

Fanny Consolazio is Assistant Project Manager, she carries out projects of international cooperation, mainly focused on the Middle East area. She organizes and manages workshops and conferences of international relevance. She graduated in International Relations at the University of Milan – Statale, and after that she has followed a post degree course in international cooperation.


Veronica Baldo – Senior Scientific Expert

e-mail: veronica.baldo@uninsubria.it

Veronica Baldo collaborates with ICIS as a Scientific Expert in the framework of EU CBRN CoE Initiative Projects. She collaborates in the didactic materials and e-learning platform management, focusing on biosafety, biosecurity, biorisk management and hazardous waste management. She graduates in Industrial Biotechnology and hold a PhD degree in Applied Biotechnology.




Ewan Sirtori – Research Associate and Webmaster

e-mail: ewan.sirtori@uninsubria.it 

Ewan Sirtori is Assistant Project Manager in the framework of EU CBRN CoE Initiative Projects and Research Associate. He collaborates in the implementation of international cooperation projects. He holds a BA in International and Diplomatic Sciences  and a MA in International and Diplomatic Sciences – Extra-European Studies both from the University of Trieste, with academic researches in the Netherlands (Faculty of Law – University of Leiden) and France. He also manages the implementation of ICIS website.


Domenico Cavallo – Scientific Expert

e-mail: domenico.cavallo@uninsubria.it


Andrea Cattaneo – Scientific Expert

e-mail: andrea.cattaneo@uninsubria.it


Ilaria Anna Colussi – Scientific Expert

e-mail: ilariaanna.colussi@gmail.com


Alessandro Bonetti – Financial Manager

e-mail: alessandro.bonetti@uninsubria.it

Alessandro Bonetti is Financial Manager and he is responsible for the sound management of financial aspects of projects.


Paola Bricola – Administrative Officer

e-mail: paola.bricola@uninsubria.it